Christian Dorian is a product designer, currently working at Quizlet in Denver, Colorado.

Case studies

Interactive Diagrams

Every day people around the world come to Quizlet to practice and master new things. In New York City, a nursing student reviews flashcards on Quizlet for the NCLEX. In North Dakota, a tenth …


Quizlet Redesign

By 2015, Quizlet had been through a lot of change since it’s initial launch. What started as a personal project in 2005 to pass a high school French class had become the go-to study tool used by …

Recent work
Dashboard concepts
“Recess” — Design System
Teacher landing Illustration
Star animation
Diagram animation
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Learn Micro-Interactions
Learn Feedback Interaction
Quizlet Parts Kit
Learn Landing Page
Emoji Animation
Art Direction & Prop Styling
Quizlet Redesign
Android Test Mode

Christian Dorian

Product Designer